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Classic homeopathy
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Classic homeopathy

Classic homeopathy is a therapy system without harmful side effects. It can be applied concurrently with orthodox medicine. With its specially formulated remedies classic homeopathy is able to cure even severe sickness. The core of the illness can be located in the mental, the emotional or the physical sphere (holistic treatment). The application of homeopathy is complex. As a therapist a homeopath needs specific training, years of studying and practical experience. Benefit from my experience in this field, I have been working successfully for more than 15 years as a classic homeopath.


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Treatment process


The treatment starts with your medical history. During this detailed, insightful talk I get to know you and the history of your life and ailments. After the analysis of your medical history I prescribe your first homeopathic remedy. Then we will meet every four weeks to see how you feel and how the homeopathic remedy has worked. This process can be imagined like the peeling of an onion: Layer by layer the illness is being removed.

Treatment expenses

A session of classic homeopathy takes one hour, the fee is €75.
The initial case history consultation takes three to five hours. It includes all required talks until the prescription of the first homeopathic remedy. The fee for this session is €150. If you have supplementary or private insurance different fees apply, please ask. In rare cases of financial hardship a reduced fee is possible.

I also offer an “annual contract homeopathy” which is comparable to a membership in a gym with a monthly fee. I recommend this option if you wish long-lasting homeopathic treatment. Please ask for details if you are interested.


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