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Classic homeopathy
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Are you looking for effective healing treatment without harmful side effects? Discover


Classic homeopathy

With its specially formulated remedies classic homeopathy is able to cure even severe sickness. Often there is also a healing answer to illnesses that are declared “incurable” by conventional medicine. The application of homeopathy is complex. As a therapist a homeopath needs specific training, years of studying and practical experience.

Benefit from my experience in this field: I have been working successfully for more than 15 years as a classic homeopath.

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The assets of homeopathy

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The assets of homeopathy


If you throw a pebble into a calm lake concentric waves will spread out to the  shoreline. A small stimulus can have a lasting effect. Homeopathic treatment also uses just a small impulse which then enables the human organism to heal itself. Essentially any* disorder can be treated with classic homeopathy. The core of the illness can be located in the mental, the emotional or the physical sphere. A special plus about homeopathy is that it can heal illness of unknown causes: specific details about the patient show to the experienced homeopath which homeopathic remedy should be administered.

(*: Within the limits of legal regulations and respective care duty)

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