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(If you are interested in hypnotherapy treatment please read first the paragraph “contraindications” on the next page.)

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The subconscious

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Impulses from our subconscious mind often seem to have more power than our rational mind. 



Hypnotherapy was approved as a valid therapy in 2006 by the Scientific Counsel for Psychotherapy (Wissenschaftlicher Beirat Psychotherapie).

Hypnosis induces trance, an altered state of mind which grants direct access to the subconscious mind. Rational thinking then takes a backseat and it is easier to fully focus on one subject. There are different intensities of trance, the flow between them is confluent. In order to work with suggestive patterns and bring about a change in a person’s life, a medium depth of trance is helpful. Within pain therapy very deep states of trance (“deep-state”) are deployed. In this dulled state the brain is not susceptible to suggestive patterns.

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Possible applications of hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is successfully applied for assistance in the changing of life patterns:

  • to accomplish goals
  • to overcome fears
  • to enhance your potential
  • to change or discard habits
  • or to find clarity for an important decision.

Quitting smoking

Hypnotherapy is a very strong support for your own efforts in quitting smoking. You’ll find more information under quitting smoking on the next page.


Hypnotherapy is very efficient in recognizing psychic problems. Among other things, by understanding contexts these problems can be solved. Hypnosis also allows a regression in time to study the beginning of a problem.


Hypnotherapy is well known for its successful treatment of physical ailments aligned with psychic elements.

Nervous system and immune system

Also hypnotherapy influences these two systems, which is helpful in the treatment of autoimmune disorders, allergies and dysfunctional wound healing.

States of pain and sleeping disturbances

Constant states of pain and intense chronic insomnia result in a lot of suffering. By inducing very deep states of hypnotic trance it is possible to help affected persons. Thereby the activity of some areas of the brain is being purposely  reduced. One might call it a “break” or an “emergency cutout”.

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