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Hypnosis: The treatment

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My offer

The basic idea of my work, confirmed by many years of practicing, is that every person holds important resources for healing and self-unfolding.

Get access to your resources. I am happy to support you.

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Treatment expenses

Packages hypnotherapy

Single session hypnotherapy

Some treatments are billed as a package, others as single sessions. The packages are especially advantageous and efficient concepts. Single sessions of hypnotherapy can be used as short-term interventions, as freshening up for accomplished goals and for continuous treatment. All necessary talks like the anamnesis are part of the therapy.






Packages hypnotherapy

In the beginning of each treatment there is case consultation which includes the clarification of your concerns. The hypnotherapy that follows is based on it.

Quitting smoking

Smoking cessation with hypnotherapy is very reliable. You probably know someone who successfully quit smoking with the help of hypnosis. The package comprises of two appointments:
In the first session the treatment with hypnosis is applied after the case consultation. It takes about two hours. One week later we meet again for follow-up-care of your first successful smoke-free week, in which we consolidate your positive experiences. There will also be time to talk about situations where being smoke-free might even be more comfortable.

Package price: € 350

Weight reduction

I will be accompanying you over a period of 6 weeks. The initial case consultation will reveal how your very personalized treatment will look like. In that first session the first hypnosis treatment will also be applied. In our weekly follow-ups we will review your success and take care of any issues showing up in the process.

Package price: € 450

Single session hypnotherapy

At the beginning is the case consultation and we’ll clarify your issues. The hypnotherapy that follows is based on it. The fee for a single session is € 75. In the event that you would like to book multiple sessions with anadvance payment, I offer a discount in price:

  3x sessions: €210 (instead of €225)
  5x sessions: €340 (instead of €375)
10x sessions: €650 (instead of €750)

If you have supplementary or private insurance different fees apply, please ask.

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Hypnotherapy should not be applied

  • during pregnancy
  • on children without approval of both parents
  • on persons with thrombosis
  • on persons with intense heart conditions
  • on persons with a recent heart attack or stroke
  • on persons with a severe illness of the nervous system (e.g. advanced M. Parkinson)
  • on persons with epilepsy
  • on persons with psychoses (e.g. schizophrenia, bipolar affective disorder, endogenous depression, borderline syndrome or other severe psychic ailments, especially if delusion or dissociative symptoms are present)
  • on persons with severe or endogenous depression
  • on persons with a mental handicap
  • on persons who take psychotropic drugs
  • on persons suffering from addiction (alcohol, prescribed or not prescribed  drugs)
  • on persons with personality disorders.

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